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January, 2010

Cognitive development in Zurich

The second members’ meeting of the euCognition II research network took place in Zurich on Friday. The thesis for discussion was: “Cognition emerges during development in a close interplay of experience, of the social and physical environment and of the neuronal mechanisms of growth. An understanding of cognition cannot be achieved without an understanding of […]

Moral affordances

I’ve just finished reading the young adult novel The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, which is a superb if sometimes infuriating read. The details of the plot aren’t too important for our present purposes, but a central component of the book is the protagonist Todd Hewitt’s relationship with the eponymous blade. Not […]

Enaction School 2010

5th Enaction Summer School – 27th June-3rd July 2010 Ballykisteen, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. The enaction summer schools are a series of annual summer events organised with the aim of developing the enactive approach toward maturity as a full paradigm for Cognitive Science. The schools seek to contribute to the enrichment of theoretical accounts and […]