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Leviathan at Dolans in Limerick

Last night the Leviathan Political Cabaret came to Limerick (to Dolan’s Warehouse, to be precise). Leviathan is a project to take political discussion out of the constraining domain of the radio or television studio and encourage people who might not normally take part in such discussions to get involved. The topic for debate last night […]

Text creole?

Sunday morning, a couple of weeks ago, I was listening to a radio show in which they had a discussion about the communication skills of young people today. All of the discussants were men, none of them young, and were making fairly typical complaints about the inability of young people to express themselves clearly or […]

Doing what, now?

The Doing Your Mind website is intended to become an introduction to enactive thinking that is not only general but, with some luck, interesting and maybe even persuasive. I have no such high aspirations for the blog. This forum, I’m afraid, will be my almost entirely uneditted musings, opinions, beliefs, blusterings and other eruptions on […]